Sunday, February 6, 2011

1st Family Visit of 2011

Gram (Jen's Grandma) and Great Fairy Godmother (Jen's Aunt and Godmother) were the first to visit Mercer, oh I mean, Missouri in 2011.  Because this is the year of GREAT SNOWS, both in NJ and in MO...their flight was delayed by two days getting here and one day leaving. 

I'd like to think that Mark and I get along pretty well for ourselves when it's just the three of us.  And then you have two extra sets of hands (so that's 4 extra hands...) and you realized how much MORE you can accomplish.  For example, Mark and I can have a conversation while washing and drying pots and pans while someone else watches Mercer do his tricks (which include crawling and clapping).  Also helpful, having someone else around to change his poopy diapers - which have been known to be "epic".  Every night when we got home from work, we'd get a full report on his activities for the day - even down to a description of his drooling habits.  They're very thorough those Updike Ladies....

Because the weather was so bad - we were indoors and we talked about a lot of things - whether Mercer would get a sibling (undecided), what we'd do if we won the lottery (undecided), recipes, SNOW, and traveling.  I think one thing that we all agreed on was how much Great-Grandpop Ben would have adored Mercer.  Finally a BOY after 2's not crazy to think the man would have been be a ball of tears and a ball of laughs with his great-grandson.  And I do believe that "Somewhere over the rainbow" he's smiling on him everyday.

In all honesty, we can't thank AK and Gma enough for just being here with us and spending time with their "legacy". I know we had a great time and I know that they did too.

Pics of the Ladies Below...
 Jen, Gram and Mercer (height difference not exaggerated, she's in heels, I'm barefoot)
 Hey Good Lookin'...Feisty Redheads!  Mercer & his Great Fairy Godmother (her wand is in the shop)

Mercer and his Gram

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