Friday, February 11, 2011

I Get by with a Little Help from My Friends

"What a wonderful thing; to come into this world and already have a friend"
 - Z. Kerezov


 Ayden & Anderson (2 weeks apart)

Hannah & Mercer (6 days apart)

It's amazing to think that these two sets of cuties above have the potential to know each other for their entire lives.  For Hannah and Mercer - Becky (Hannah's Mom) was pregnant before Mark and I even had our home study approved or chose an adoption agency.  I can remember her saying, "Wouldn't it be crazy if you guys adopted before I even HAD the baby?"  And (much to EVERYONE's surprise) that's the way it was scheduled to be…Mercer was supposed to be 3 weeks older than Hannah.  But, Hannah had a mind of her own and debuted at the end of May - six days before we welcomed Mercer into our hearts; they were friends at first sight.   Right now, their friendship is symbiotic:  Hannah enjoys using Mercer as a jungle gym since she's way more mobile than he is.; Mercer gets to relax and chew on her ring toys - which are his favorite of hers. 

I hope all 4 of these kids grow up together enjoying each other's laughter and continue to enjoy it and seek it out - well into their Golden Years.  :)

 - JLS

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