Thursday, March 31, 2011

And they called it...Puppy Love....

When it's time to feed the pups in our house - it is CRAZY.  Like us, our dogs are food whores.  They know their food and snack schedule down to the second.  They race through the house, side by side, in a contest of who can get to the goody jar or food bowl faster and then devour whatever is offered to them (and whatever gets within an inch of their mouths).  Eating is a competitive sport and they don't come up for air.  And now, in the midst of all of this, crawling around in between this tornado storm of food & fur,  is Mercer.

I've discussed before that Mercer thinks Zandi and Lu are his best friends.  And while having dogs as role models could make for some awkward moments (read:  inappropriate licking), at least we'll never find them teaching him how to snort coke off a stripper's ass.  If Mercer wants to mimic them by carrying around toys in his mouth while be it.  And if the dogs want to consider him "one of the pack" - all the better.

In fact, after what we witnessed last week...I think Zandi (our old yellow lab) may consider Mercer her little "mini-me".

Mark was watching Mercer while I was out shopping (surprise).  So, Mark being the industrious guy that he is, decided that he wanted to finish a project while he was babysitting.  He was putting the finishing touches on the installation of a bookshelf into Mercer's room and thus was back and forth between the garage and the nursery, always keeping and eye out for our little crawling devil.

During one of these trips, the dogs indicated that it was time for their supper and Mark obliged by filling their bowls with nuggets of doggy goodness and then he resumed his project.  On his way back into the garage, he was witness to what can only be described as true doggy / little boy love; Zandi was sharing her food with Mercer.  Apparently, while Zandi was eating, Mercer crawled over to her bowl, pulled himself up on it, grabbed a few morsels and decided to plop down next to her for a private picnic date.  Mark walked in to find Mercer and Zandi snacking away together on Hills Prescription Diet, tails wagging, mouths slobbering, happy as clams.

And while Mark fished the dog food out of Mermie's mouth, and gave Zandi some extra "pettings" for being so generous with her baby brother, our grins were huge and our hearts were warmed by the quintessential example of Puppy Love, depicted in cartoon form, below.

Note:  We didn't have the camera ready to capture Zandi and Mermz's picnic, so I enlisted the mad artistic skillz of my good friend, Chris.  His cartoons, always drawn on paper towels, are the highlight of my day.  Thanks Chris!  XOXOXOX

And in other news - Mercer tries out Lu's digs...
His willingness to hang out in there could provide some cheap babysitting....


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  1. LOVE IT! I miss Chris' drawings!!