Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ass in the Sand - Sand in the Mouth...

Mercer's Spring Break in Florida

Experiencing the beach for the first time - Yankeetown, FL

Mercer's feet in the sand.....
And that same sand in the mouth - oddly, he didn't seem to mind

Trying new foods
Mercer giving Bubby's chicken soup a try...
Sharing Twizzlers with Daddy 

Experiencing new things...
Sunglasses - Mercer rocking some Aviators

Pet Fish - Helping Grandpa feed the piranhas (j/k)

Nature - Checking out the local wildlife - gators & birds
Meeting new people
Mercer meets Uncle Melvis's Momma - (Grand)MomT
Seeing old friends
Grandpa and Mercer at the beach

Mercer and his bathing beauty, Bubby

Mercer amongst his elders - the Keiffer clan (this is where Mercer gets his good looks!) 

And even spending time with his very cool parents
Mercer is thinking, "I'm glad these two aren't in swimsuits..."

He partied so hard that he slept the entire flight home....
Snoozing on his 6th flight in 9.5 months

And now...back to our routine...which after all of the above excitement, is a vacation in itself.

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