Sunday, March 13, 2011

Special Guest Stars on 304

Since having Mercer, TV watching has become a luxury.  We TIVO all of our favorite shows to watch in blocks while he's asleep.  One of those shows is 30 Rock.

What I love about 30 Rock is that they always manage to work in a special guest star to make the show just that much better.  That person jives with the cast for just one week or so and really brings the show to life.  If you're a've seen Matt Damon, Salma Hayek, Will Arnett, Steve Martin, Elaine Stritch (Jack's Mom - my FAVORITE) work into a story line like they were supposed to be there the whole time.  It's brilliant writing and equally as brilliant acting.

And what's that saying..."Life imitates art"??? 
I'm here to tell you that some days I'm Liz and others I'm Jack or Kenneth.  The craziness of 30 Rock is my life.  That is my Office.  Those are my co-workers and friends.  That is my family.  And like 30 Rock...these are my guest stars....

Playing herself as "Grandmom Lorraine" - we have Jen's Mom (insert pre-recorded audience clapping here).  Mom came out to take care of the Merminator when he was recovering from his Tubes & Cirque procedures.  Aside from looking alike - the two have a kindred spirit (on-screen chemistry) that can only be explained by saying that they were always meant to be Grandmom and Grandson.   They have the same light in their eyes when they are together and you can tell that in spite of all the roles that my mother has played in her life, "Grandmom" is the one that she's going to win her Oscar for (especially for the scene where she describes, in detail, the volume and texture of Mercer's poops).

Here are some "stills" from her time here on 304:
Mom's First Jilly's Cupcake 
Mom and her "Mane Man", the Merminator
JenStar, her Momma and Mercer  - Love this Picture!

Playing herself as "Aunt Drea", as well as, "Mercer's Personal Librarian" and "Andrea Tanaka" we have, my sister "Andrea".   Mercer served as Dre's "subject" in her upcoming photography project, "My Life as the Aunt to the Cutest Child in the World".  I was informed after she left "the set" that she only took 300 pictures in 4.5 days.  O-N-L-Y 300. While she was here, she "thinks" that she taught Mercer his first word, "Dog".  She said, "Dog"...Mercer then replied, "og".  We all heard it...but in retrospect, since he hasn't said it since, he was probably asking for a vodka tonic.  In all seriousness, her dedication to the Mercer Project and her absolute adoration for our son, just warms us through.  He is the shiniest star on her walk of fame!

Aunt Drea, like Uncle Richie, has a clause in her contract regarding her right to first refusal on still picture publication.  So, I made sure to choose the most flattering photos, in order to prevent being sued by the Screen Actors Guild.  I will advise that in my possession, I have photos of her that could be released to the National, she should be extra nice to me.  Now that I've said that, I know that she has similar pics of for now...we're even.

Below are the best shots of Dre and Mermz from her stay.
Bedtime stories in our Jammies!

I think his shirt says it all...

Things at 304 are back to the original cast.  We can't wait for the Season Finale (Mercer's1st Bday), when we're all together again, this time joined by Pop-Pop.  If you know Pop-Pop, you know that the Season Finale will have to be "on cable" or the Sensors are going to sprain a finger while "bleeping" out the best parts of his stories.  (Love ya, Dad)

In the interim, we can't wait to be guest stars, ourselves, on the new reality show, "Our Lives as Florida Retirees" starring:  Bubby Carol, Grandpa Karl, Great Great Uncle Vince, Great Great Aunt Mary, Great Great Aunt Hilda, Great Great Uncle Bob and (Grand)Mama Teressa.  See you Floridians soon!

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