Monday, April 4, 2011

Everybody Walk the Dinosaur....

Open the Door, Get on the Floor
Everybody Walk the Dinosaur

Mercer is finally able to play with his Christmas gift from Grandmom & PopPop...
Confession:  It took 5 "takes" to get this on film, as Mercer was more interested in the following, yesterday:
1.  A piece of lint of the carpet
2.  My empty wine glass (don't judge people - you know you drink)
3.  Guitars from our Guitar Hero games
4.  Sunlight (he doesn't "sparkle" Ladies, sorry)
5.  Making a Doody
 To View - Click Link Below

As an aside - this is the song that the title of this post references...

For those interested - here's the link to the Dino-Toy...Fisher-Price Stride to Ride (Dinosaur)
(And for the record...Yes, I'm still laughing at this toy's name)

Boom boom akka lakka lakka boom

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