Saturday, April 16, 2011

Movin' on up...

At our 9-month visit, when our Pediatrician "recommended" sleep training, she also hinted that it was about time we transitioned Mercer out of his infant car seat and into a big boy car seat.
And we dragged our feet a little, because that infant seat is just so damn convenient.  You can switch it between cars, you can pop it in a stroller, it fits perfectly in an airplane seat...We loved it.  But last week, we realized that while Mercer is WAY shy of the weight limit (he's 18 lbs / weight limit is 30), he was, in fact, pushing the limit on the recommended height maximum (30 inches).  So much so, that yesterday, I noticed  that his feet were literally hanging over the edge of the infant carrier.  So, the "transition" was forced upon us.
Big thanks to his Daddy for installing both seats into our respective cars.  Vrooooommmm.....................

Mercer, the newborn, in his carseat...

Our Baby Moose
All buckled in for the ride

Mercer the ALMOST toddler in his infant seat....

"I'm a Big Kid, now!"

Mercer in his NEW "big boy" car seat.
The King in his Throne

Mercer in the Jeep - "It's Just an old worn out Jeep - rusty old floor boards - hot on my feet"

Our little rockstar is growing up...(sigh...).

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