Monday, May 23, 2011

They let me eat cake...

Hello friends - Mercer's in 'da house!  Mom is passed out on the chaise lounge after 3 martinis.  So, I took it upon myself to log on and rap at ya about everything that went down in the 304, today.  It was crazy.

Apparently, it is my birthday.  I looked up "birthday" on Wiki and it told me that it's the celebration of the day I was born.  And since I'm pretty awesome - the celebration of that day must be equally as awesome - and it was.

Our house looked so cool - there were rainbow colors everywhere.  Mom made this awesome centerpieces out of lollipops and gumballs!  She's so crafty.  Daddy strung streamers in the dining room.  And there were balloons all over the house...even attached to my high chair!!!!  My balloon said, "Happy Birthday Rock Star"...and that is how I felt with all the attention on me...just like a Rock Star.
Eat your heart out Willie Wonka
Mom really went overboard - I'm not surprised
Accessorizing my high chair with my own BALLOON

I even got a special piece of wardrobe for the day - a new shirt with my name and the #1 on it.
So freakin' cool!!!
Customized Wardrobe - I'm stylin'

A cake was delivered and it looked like a giant lollipop and then there was a little cake made, JUST FOR ME.  I didn't have to share - it was all mine.
My first cake - YUMMY
The cake that fed everyone else

Mom's rockin' cake table
Then some of my favorite people showed up....Bryan & Rachel, the Hens, Tommy & Ray (and their parents).  I think I was most excited to see DEATON....he's so awesome.  I was also so happy to see one of my favorite daycare teachers...Miss Jamie...what a surprise to see her (and her new pink hair) out of school.  She's so cute (oops - I shouldn't have posted that).

While I made the rounds entertaining everyone with my winning smile and charm, people feasted on fried chicken (which was awesome - thanks Schnucks) and some salad and dips that Mom made.  Then it was time to cut the cake.

See...I didn't understand this experience and now that I know the routine, I'll be more prepared for my role in the cake festivities this weekend.  I sat in my chair and everyone gathered around me.  I really thought that I was in trouble.  Then they lit my cake on fire...I was so mad...who puts fire on a perfectly good cake?  Then instead of putting it out...they started SINGING to me...OFF KEY (there are no Idol candidates in this crowd, let me tell ya).  Then afterward, they started hooting and hollering and scared the living sh*t out of me (and my friend, Baby Ray).  Finally, they got around to putting out the fire on the cake and placed the cake in front of me.
The cake is on fire...I can't look!
This is where the confusion sets in.  What the hell am I supposed to do with a cake?  So, I put my finger in the icing and again - everyone cheered and I got scared.  It did taste delicious.  And I eventually got into snacking on it.  Mom and Dad cut the big cake for everyone - which was strawberry flavored with a strawberry buttercream and all my friends were commenting about how good it was....I can't wait to see what next year's will be!
Loving some icing - just like Momma'

i hate hats

My parents, me and my cake

I was high on sugar
After I made a total mess of myself, Mom changed me into my PJ's.  She helped me open my gifts and as it turns out - I got a RED WAGON.  Dad put it together for me and I look like the Prince that I really am riding around in it - smiling at all the passersby who don't have wagons as cool as mine. 
My Little Red Wagon...

I was so tired, I fell asleep in Mom's arms in the kitchen with all the commotion going on around me.

What a way to celebrate my first year.  And I hear it's only going to get better.  Apparently, I get to go to NEW JERSEY this week to see my POP-POP!!!!  I wonder if cake pairs well with Budweiser.  I guess I'll see!!!!!

Oh nuts, Mom's up...better end this....MY THANKS TO ALL WHO ATTENDED..  I LOVE YOU GUYS and I know my parents do too.

XOXOXOX - Mercer Benjamin

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