Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We do what we can...

Since taking over the India desk, I feel that my creativity has been blocked.  We're a team made up of firefighters, prepared to jump into any multitude of tasks at a moments notice.  Which means my brain in going in 1000 different technical directions and leaves absolute no room for creativity or daydreaming.

*****************Edited to include:  I LOVE MY JOB!!!!  :)

So, while I want to write amazing posts about all the funny things that happen in my life, sometimes it feels that I don't have the wherewithal to "get 'er done".  And some days I think, "Why did I get myself into writing this's just an additional task on my never ending to do list..."

That was my attitude this morning...driving into work like a God damn mad woman trying to make an 8'oclock meeting that was scheduled at 7am.  I was running through my "to-do" lists for work, the house, the baby and the blog and  I realized that I have at least three blog posts that I need to get on paper.  Now, if had the life of leisure that I dream of:  sitting on my deck in Napa, wearing my straw fedora and sunglasses, looking out on miles of vineyards, drinking wine and writing all day (note - I'd be much funnier if I drank wine all day); this wouldn't be a problem - I could blog in "real-time". 

But, I just don't have that lifestyle (yet) and just like any good addiction, I just can't give it up (the blog, not the wine).  I get some kind of crazy high from what is created when my fingers type out the gibber-gabber from my brain.  And I press forward.

So, my craziness was reassured this morning, when I looked at my desk calender and saw's a keep going...that it's worth it.  YEA!

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