Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's Good to be King....

"It's good to be King / Just for a while / To be there in Velvet / Yea, to give them a smile.
It's good to get high / And never come down / It's good to be King / Of your own little Town"
 - Tom Petty

Once upon a time, a little man was born who was destined to be King.  As a reward from the Gods for their patience, love and devotion, one gorgeous Court Jester and one lovable Wizard were entrusted to raise him, along with their village of family and friends.
The King, The Wizard and The Foxy Court Jester

The King was adored by all across his great land.  And since the King was turning 1, a large celebration was planned in his in honor, in the land of his parent's birth.

The journey to get there was magical.  The King boarded a beautiful carriage painted brown, purple and red that floated through the blue sky and puffy white clouds.  It felt as if the King had blinked his eyes and arrived at his destination (which is true because he slept through almost the whole flight).  During the journey the Jester & the Wizard took great delight in the complimentary libations afforded to them and had a little fun with The King.
The King amused by the Jester & Wizard's libation bottles
Upon his arrival, The King was carried off his jet and met with fanfare befitting his royal status.  He smiled and waved at his subjects as he passed them by.  And once through the royal gates, he was greeted by his most loyal subject.  With her bright red puff of hair, Lady Lorraine (the Jester's mother) shrieked at the sight of him and scooped him up into a giant hug, as the Court Jester and Wizard managed the King's luggage.

The days that followed were filled with festivities befitting this great occasion. 
The King enjoyed partaking in multiple royal feasts. 
The King making a ROYAL MESS
He drank copious amount of Mead with Lord Pop Pop.
Lord Pop Pop & the King getting royally KRUNK

He had High Tea his Ladies.   And also got to spend time some time playing on the back lawn with Princess Drea.
The Jester, Lady Lorraine & Princess Drea having tea - Photo Credit - The King
Princess Drea entertains the King

 He took many a swim in the moat at Lord Pop-Pop's castle. 
The King cooling off
Lord Pop Pop and the King frolicking in the Moat
 He entertained the kingdom with his musical talents on his new instruments. 
The King as the little dummer boy

The King shakes his maracas

The King plays it up for Lady Lorraine

The King tickling the ivories

He even played with Lady Lorraine and Lord Pop Pop's dragon-dog - Mistress Misty.
The King and the Mistress getting cozy
But I think what he most enjoyed was sitting in his new royal throne, in the castle, especially decorated for him and holding court with his favorite villagers. 
The King annoyed by the Jester's flashbulbs
They made him smile and giggle.  They showered him with attention and gifts.  And they made him feel as if he were the only King in the whole wide world who was turning one. And judging by the smile on his face in 75% of the pictures taken, he loved every minute of it.

The King, Court Jester and Wizard had to return home but not before they hugged and kissed the villagers and promised to return soon.  And as their sky chariot took off in the early morning, they could not be more thankful for their Village.  The King doesn't know yet, how lucky he is to have THIS much love in his life, but the Wizard and the Jester, definitely do.

After a brief stop in the Land of Oranges to put some planes through flight-test....
The King during flight test

The King in the cockpit - I think he needs some goggle and a scarf

The King, Jester & Wizard returned home to live Happily Ever After...
The End

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