Monday, July 4, 2011

Mercer Update - July 2011

This post is for those who love pictures of babies and toddlers, in particular, my baby.   Those who read this blog to commiserate in the sheer glory of my sarcastic rants, I'm sure I'll be back to writing those sooner rather than later.  To all my readers - Thank you and Namaste.

The other day we realized that, developmentally, Mercer has outgrown a lot of his baby toys.  It is time for us to store those away to be brought out one day in the future for the second Seidbaby or a Yard Sale.    For one final hoorah, Mercer wanted to jump is his Jumper.  The two shots below were taken in that very jumper about 11 months apart.  The first one was taken his very first timing hanging out in there and the second was taken today - July 4th.  Look at that growth!  And to think - all I did was feed him for 11 months - he must be part weed!

Too little to even hold himself up in it

Almost too big for the seat
In other news - the boy is ON THE MOVE.  He's walking more than he is crawling now.  And he's falling (both on purpose, like a little stunt man and accidentally, like a drunk) 100 times a day.  I tried to capture his progress on video - it's not great - but you get the point.  I apologize in advance for the background noises..

He's talking a bit more, too.  He's chanting, "DA DA".  And he can say "Ut oh" (which sounds like "a$$-hole" ) "Bubbles" "Bottle" and "Baby".  He can also sign (as in sign language) "More" and "All Done".  I love seeing how excited he gets when he is instantly gratified.  He says, "Bubbles" and we oblige.  He gets a huge smile on his face and claps.  We are his entertianment; his dancing monkey and he loves calling the shots.

Finally, he learned how to say "cheese" when the camera is pointed at him.  He continues to enjoy hamming it up.  And while I know he doesn't have my big hazel green eyes, I also know that his giant smile and love of the camera is all due to moi (me). 


Hams - Like Mother Like Son

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