Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from our Little Turkey


I'm thankful for Mercer's daycare.  It's a sacrifice we make to allow for our careers and to serve as the catalyst for Mercer's love of learning.  He's talking, he starting to say his letters, numbers and colors, he's obsessed with reading and he's learning that, because there are other kids in his class, the world doesn't revolve around him (a lesson that his Mother should also learn...someday).

But what we really love about daycare...espescially at holidays, are the lessons and art that focus on them.  Fall has brought us lots of art, themed with pumpkins and tractors.  November has focused on Thanksgiving.  His teachers at daycare taught him to "gobble" like a turkey (and of course, we reinforce this at home).  And in the past week we received this beautiful fall tree and this Thanksgiving card - all made by him.
Note:  He did the art - the letters were done by his teachers.  We're raising a Picasso, not an Einstein.  :)

Sometimes, in a year filled with things that may not have worked out in your favor, you have to give thanks for the little things.  In addition to being thankful for Mercer's school, my heart just swells with thanks for the smiles that I get daily from my little guy and big guy.  It's those smiles that makes life worth living.

Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE!  Love - JenStar and her SeidmEn

Mercer's felt pilgrim hat and his Turkey Card!
Fall Foliage as interpreted by M. Benjamin

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