Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I’m loving my little parrot.  Yes, PARROT.  He enjoys saying everything we say.
And while I know many of you are cringing at this because you  know that I don’t have the cleanest mouth….
I can honestly say that he hasn’t entertained us with his potty language just yet (insert giant sigh of relief).

98% of our conversations go like this.  He actually wakes up asking questions.  Example…
Mercer:  What dat?  (Points to chair)
Jen/Mark:  Chair
Mercer:  (smiling) chair…..

Sometimes he stumps us with his questions as neither of us (he, nor, I) quite know what he’s asking for...
Mercer:  What dat? (Points to air)
Jen/Mark:  Huh?
Mercer:  huh?

It’s funnier to watch if he can’t say the word.  This prompts him to repeat sounds (under his breath) that HE thinks sound like the word we said. 
Mercer:  What dat?  (Points to vacuum)
Jen/Mark:  Vacuum
Mercer (quietly):  oooom……. (smiles)

Similar conversations take place when he does something and then we explain it to him, which he then repeats.  Example:
(Mercer farts)
(Jen Laughs)
Jen:  Mercer!  You tooted!
Mercer:  TOOT?
Jen:  Yea…you tooted out your butt.
Mercer:  (Pointing to his butt)  TOOT?
(Jen continues to laugh while in the back of her mind noting that she’s going to have to teach him to excuse himself)

Also new to his vocabulary are “NO!” and “MINE!”. 
Sometimes he uses them together…like when the dogs have him backed into a corner in an attempt to steal his mini muffin
Mercer:  (grasping mini muffin to his chest, while using the other hand to point his finger at the dogs) NO….MINE!

And now some adorable photos of the Parrot.

Dear Santa Fairy Godmother...THANK YOU FOR MY BIKE!

Helping Daddy with his Jeep

Organizing the pantry

Climbed up there by himself

Morning Cuddles

Helping Daddy assemble his Bike

The finished product

Liking the box just as much as the bike...oh...a TUNNEL

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