Thursday, January 5, 2012

December Posts 1 of 3: It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

...'cause it's my birthday.

For those of you who know me, my birthday is kind of a BFD (big f*cking deal).  Everyone always asks whether I get jipped because I was born so close to Christmas.  And I respond with a resonating, “No”.  I loved being a December baby and still do!  The whole month is one big party:  everything is decorated in lights and garland, everyone is indulging in libations and sweets, people are generally in more festive moods as their smiles are bigger and their hugs are tighter.  How could I complain about being born into a celebration?   I embrace it.  In fact, this year, at last count anyway, I celebrated my birthday seven times.  I cackled with my Hens over some wine (and a GIANT glass of Crown Royal), brunched at the Ritz with the Knickmans, had dessert first at Jilly’s with the Marks Ladies, dined on donuts with my work group, blew out a candle in a sea salt caramel tart with the best team ever, shared a limo with my little family and a couple of lovebirds and was serenaded alongside my Aunt (who is also a December baby) with birthday wishes by my NJ family on Christmas Eve.  And while I know some may think that was excessive (like my husband), I think it was just about right.  Because the best gift that I received (sorry Mark, this trumps the IPAD), is the time spent toasting life with my family and friends.  Each celebration and each birthday wish that came in through cards, Facebook, email and text,  made me realize just how lucky I am to surrounded by and immersed in so much love with so many interesting and unique people.  They are my Village – in STL, NJ (and all over the world).  THANK YOU for making me feel so special.

Dressed up for the Ritz Brunch

Snuggles with my baby in the "big car"

Naps in the limo

Cheers to me!!!!!

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