Saturday, January 21, 2012


It’s never too late in the year to make resolutions, right?  And while I’m sure that I should resolve to make some of the more popular ones ("dropping the trailer", as my father would say).  The one that I’m making to myself is to write more.

I’m not great at organization – of anything.  I don’t print out pictures (or frame them, or hang them).  I didn’t do well with completing Mermie’s baby book.  I don’t scrapbook.  The blog that I write about my son is one of the only complete journals that I have documenting our lives from his 9-month mark to the present.  And when I opened my birthday gift from my sister and realized that with her help, I get to publish my blog as a keepsake, I was thrilled – because, even if the internet becomes extinct, I will have a memento of my ramblings for Mercer to enjoy when he becomes a Dad. 

But, while re-reading JenStar and her SeidmEn,  it made me realize that the following: 
1.       I can’t spell
       I can’t edit
       I like run-on sentences
4.   Whoa, I drink alot.  
5.       I’m too f*cking opinionated for my own good
       I curse way too much
       My son uses my laptop?
       I’m a giant sap (WTF, on that one?)
       Most importantly, I captured so much, yet so little.

The writing process for me is cathartic.  It’s a way to channel the creative energy that builds up because the career that I chose isn’t creative.  But, I feel like this process takes FOREVER, because, I’m a perfectionist, of sorts (Mark, stop laughing).  I’m an idea perfectionist.  I have this inner need to ensure that my blog isn’t just a collection of random thoughts, but that it MEANS something.  That it resonates with people.  That when I write, people can relate to me and to our situation.  So, in order to get that just “write” (pardon the pun), I hone the content of a post for a long before I unleash it to the world.  Which in turn, limits the amount that I actually post.

Deciding what to actually post on here is another factor that limits my productivity.  Putting yourself out there in words is pretty uncomfortable for me. While I’m sure that some cringe with the content that I share for all the interwebz to read, I probably keep in about 95% of it.   I purposely don't post about my job, my relationship with Mark, or major life decisions that affect our family. I try keep it light and rosy and take the high road with my entries.  As many of you know, this attitude flies in the face of my everyday self - a sarcastic, self-centered , realist of a class-clown.   But to me, it all comes down to permanence; once it’s written, it’s out there for everyone to read and interpret (forever).  And while I know that Mercer will know that he and his Mom will have had their battles, I'd never want him to look back and read an entire blog about it.  Before I decided to write this, I read alot of Mommy-Blogs.  Some Moms are amazing and inspirational (and organized) (KAREN and REBECCA) and some are just down right whiners.  I hate whiners; I vowed not not be one (all the time).

So, bear with me, this blog is a living organism, changing and growing with us, as we take on what each day brings.  I’m going to make an effort to post pictures and funny things that Mercer does once a week, even if I don’t have something earth-shattering to rap about.  I owe it to the people that read this (all 8 of you - thanks!!) to give them what this blog was actually created for – a place to showcase how adorable my son is.

Thank you for your support and Happy Belated New Year.

And for those of you who are Mercer fans, here’s a sampling of pictures from the first part of January:

Arts & Crafts Afternoon - which lasted like 5 minutes

Led to Hulk Mouth - It looks like he ate a Shrek baby

But I really think he enjoyed the Oreo better!
"Who's that kid with the oreo cookie?"

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  1. Thank you for showing us "Mercer," from baby to growing, from sleeping to doing arts and crafts. Bob and I have enjoyed this very much and hope you keep with his growing up. We are not aunts/uncle, grandparents, but just adore him lots.

    Love you all!