Sunday, June 19, 2011

Walk Like a Man...

Any set of working parents have to prepare themselves for the enivtable...their precious child reaching a milestone at daycare.  Mark and I knew it would happen sooner or later.  Mercer rolled over while I was home on leave.  He pulled himself up during the Battle of Sleep Training.  And he crawled under the close coaching of his Gram and Great Fairy Godmother.  So, when it came to witnessing the first steps of our little Monster, we knew the chances were slim.

On June 14th, Mark picked Mercer up from daycare and was greeted by our very bubbly daycare ladies gushing over the fact that Mercer had walked that day.  I can picture them running up to Mark with a huge smile and with rapid-fire delivery, faster than even I can talk, saying, "It was only for like 5 seconds, but he finally walked..we're so proud of him".

After I got home from work, Mark shared that same news with me.  And I surprised myself with my reaction.  Instead of getting a little weepy and labeling myself as a bad parent for missing this milestone in order to earn the almighty dollar; I set my sights on that little monkey and was hell bent to record the first steps that he took for Mark and I, on film.

So, that night, I followed him around with my camera.  So much so, that I'm pretty sure he's thinks that he's in his own reality show.  And just as I was filming some random Mercer fun-time moments - he got up and walked. I could hardly believe it was that easy.  For my next trick, I'll be finding World Peace.

First video captures the first steps that we saw him take.  The 2nd video captures his "V-walk or Spiderwalk" and some more steps.  Each day since then, he's getting a little more balance and taking another step.  In fact,  think I counted that he took 7 steps  in a row yesterday.

In other news - below are just some random cute shots that we took recently.  I didn't take any of our trip to the Lake but our friends did, so if they share, I'm sure that MERCER will be commenting on them.

I Love my Pool!

This could explain why Mercer thinks that kissing "tongue out" is totally appropriate
Mercer leaves the King of Beer behind for some Moose Drool
The King and his Wizard - Father's Day - 2011
Have a great week!

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