Monday, August 29, 2011

15 Months

Mercer - Less than 1 day old

Mercer - 15 months

I'm amazed at the sheer biology of he got from a 6.5 lbs baby to the little boy that now resides with us...all over the course of just 15 months.

I don't look at the pictures of his baby-hood and sigh, wishing for time to pause or reverse so I can have that teeny tiny baby blob back in my arms.  Maybe it's because I know it's not possible.  But moreso, I think it's because each day, as he ages (learns, grows, experiences new things) I get a glimpse into what he is becoming.  And that end result...the result that Mark and I, as his (adoptive) parents have direct impact on, intrigues me more than anything else.

The World is yours, Mermie - Give 'em hell.

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