Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Easter Bunny Picture

Today, we went to the mall to meet the Easter Bunny.  Mercer was looking pretty sharp in his plaid pants, argyle polo and Chucks.  He was very content in line, having his bottle and occasionally munching a Cheerio.  And, as we waited, I debated with myself.  Do I have the kid who, at first sight of the Easter Bunny, would have a total meltdown; screaming bloody murder and convulsing in panic just to get away from him?  Or, do I have the kid who looks almost Stepford-like in the way he sits nicely in the Bunny's lap and smiles, on cue, for the camera?
The picture is below - you can make the call for yourself  :).  The vintage pic below Mercer's just goes to show that being photogenic with mythical Holiday creatures is completely genetic.
Mercer & the Easter Bunny - 2011
Little JenStar knew the drill...Smiles = Candy

I will say that the kid in front of us was scared $hitless of the Easter Bunny and while I think the picture that we have of Mercer is precious; the picture of that kid, mid-tantrum, arms flailing, mouth wide open, with his two perfect brothers sitting next to him is absolotely priceless.  That'll probably be me next year. 

Now, onto making some Easter Bunny magic - apparently, the baskets don't fill themselves. Personally, the Easter Bunny should work some elves into his or her contract next year.

A confidential to my parents:  We're waiting for you - no matter what time the flight arrives!

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