Friday, May 20, 2011

Tonght I'm Gonna Party Like it's 1999

Tomorrow is the first of Mercer's 1st Birthday parties.  And as he stated in his post to the Blog-o-sphere, he doesn't even know what a birthday, I will confess that I'm just slightly more excited about it than he is.  I am also more excited than Mark, as he didn't know there even was a party until he asked about weekend plans on Wednesday night.  Yea...Dad of the Century! 

All of the planning is coming together.  The party has a theme - LOLLIPOPS.  The house will look like a Party Store advertisement after I'm done decorating.  The cake, which is being made by the fabulous Courtney, will be lollipop-shaped and strawberry-flavored.  In retorspect, I think may be sub-consciously,  throwing MYSELF another 1st birthday party.  Although unlike my own real 1st birthday, I will not have Mercer sitting in a high chair with a lit cigar in his mouth...THANKS, GRANDPA UPDIKE.

I know that I'm making a big deal over this.  And after some introspection, I realized that this means so much because it's representative of the culmination of all of the hard work that we've put into raising this child over the past year.  It's a celebration of our family as much as it's a celebration of Mercer.  So, I'm going to drink my lollipop-flavored martini and wear my party dress and whoop it the f*ck the up because Mercer deserves it and WE deserve it.

And to think that we get to do this all over again next Saturday - Love it.  Here's to celebrating every milestone...big and small - CHEERS!

A Confidential to my husband...We made it through Year 1 without going into intensive couple's shock therapy!  Can I get a high five?

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