Sunday, February 13, 2011

You Say It's Your Birthday...

February 13th, 2010 - Andrea's 30th Birthday

I found my sister's birthday card this year about 9 months before her actual birthday.  It was so ultimately perfect, I could not resist. On the front, there was a picture of two little girls in swim caps and on the inside it reads:  "Happy Birthday to my sister, from the person that let you live to see this day".  For those that were around us growing up, well, that about sums up our childhood.
Dre & Jen in a rare moment of civility
And while in adulthood - we definitely have our own distinct views on the world; she's the white to my black, the type A to my Type B.  We are MUCH more friends than enemies - and that's just the way I like it.  (She now channels all her "fightin" energy towards Mark).

Happy Birthday to the girl that I shared my childhood and apparently my haircuts with (thanks MOM).  To the girl that tried to suffocate me with a bean bag chair.  To my student in the lecture hall of Grandmom U's basement.  To the kid who took the fast balls and wild pitches without flinching.  To Dad's clone.  To the Princess.  To the smarter of the two of us.  To the person that rivals Asian tourists in picture taking.  To the best Aunt in the whole damn universe!

New Mom, New Baby, New Auntie - June 2010
Happy Birthday to my sister and my friend; my son's "Dunta"..just kidding…Auntie!  You have the next 70 years to grow into the fabulous woman you've become in your first 30.


Look out world! - Love - Su Hermana, La Jenstar

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